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Sunday 6 August 2017

Moral Story Telling Competition Event on 14-8-2017 across all schools - Rc.No.443, dt.02.08.2017

1. Representation from Narasimha Raju, Kesapeddi, President Mission Ethical India.
2. CMP o. 5201lSecy120l7, dated 7-6-2017 CMO, Amaravati
3. Memo No. 6281501Gen.lA1/2017, dated 4-7-2017, School Education (Gen.) Dept.
4. U.O. Note No. 329/A&1/20 17, dated 27-7-2017 from CSE.
Mission Ethical India is a non-profit organization which aims to bring progressive and pleasant
society by encouraging Ethical behavior among Citizens to promote ethical way of life Mission Ethical India to connect citizens to Society by providing platforms for active dialogue, socio cultural activities and voluntary work. Mission Ethical India advised the Government of Andhra Pradesh, Department of School Education to conduct Moral Story Telling Competitions to develop ethical values among students. In this connection, Department of School Education has decided to conduct Moral Story Telling Competitions as official event on 14-8-2017 to the students from class 111 to X in all schools under all managements.
     In this connection all District Educational Officers are hereby informed to instruct all the
Headmasters of all schools under all managements to conduct Moral Story Telling Competitions on
14-8-2017 and the prizes will be distributed on the eve of Independence Day celebrations i.e., 15-8-2017. This is a school level competition, instruct all the Headmasters to meet required budget for conduct of this competitions from available school funds. And also instruct them to send programme documentation and reflections to SCERT.
SCERT, Andhra Pradesh
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