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Monday 7 August 2017

Celebrating 70 years of India's Independence - Organising additional activities besides regular programmes -Instructions - Rc.No.375

The schools/institution may be instructed to undertake the following participatory activities in the run-up to the Independence Day from 8th to 15th August:-

i. Arranging patriotic programmes and giving exposure to children for national integrity and the struggle and sacrifices of the independence movement.
ii. Essay/Quiz/Debate competitions may be organised for students on the theme of struggle for Independence.
iii. Patriotic slogan writing competitions.
iv. Holding meetings of School Management Committees (SMCs)/Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) on the themes of patriotism, Contribution of the community and society in nation
v. Organising of Prabhar Pheris by students, with patriotic slogans and banners.
vi. Painting Competition for students on various themes of 70 years independence.
vii. School Band Competitions and band displays at subdivision/ District Level, P.T., parade, march past may be carried out after morning assembly.
viii. Showing periodic films on the journey of India's progress from independence period to present era, life stories of freedom fighters, scientists, etc.
ix. Taking unity and Swachhta pledge by students and teachers
x. Organising cultural festivals including dance, drama and other cultural activities on India's independence struggle, including role play by children

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