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Tuesday 30 May 2017

Rc.No.4102,dt.30.05.17-Norms for Rationalization of Schools-Clarifications

                                           ANDHRA PRADESH :: AMARAVATI
                                         PRESENT: K. SANDHYA RANI, I.Po.S.,
         Rc.No.4102/Estt·III/Clfs/2015                                                      Date:30/05/2017
1. G.O.Ms.No.29 School Education (Ser.II) Department, Dated:22.05.2017.
2. This Office Proc.Rc.No.4102/Estt-III/2015, Dated:24.05.2017.
3. Email received from the District Educational Officer.Chittoor on 25.05.2017.
4. Lr.Rc.No.2640/B6/2017, Dated:25.05.2017 of the District Educational
Officer, Visakhapatnam.
5. Lr.Rc.No.97/A3/2017, Dated:26.05.2017 of the District Educational Officer, West Godavari.
6. Lr.Rc.No.2121/A2&B1/2017, Dated:27.05.2017 of the District Educational Officer, Vizianagaram.
7. Lr.Rc.No.3141/B1/B2/A3/A5/C6/2017, Dated:27.05.2017 ofthe District Educational Officer, Ananthapuramu.
8. Lr.Rc.No.2BB2IA2-B4/2017, Dated:27.05.2017 of the District Educational Officer, Chittoor.
9. Lr.Rc.No.3013/A3/2017, Dated:28.05.2017 of the District Educational Officer, YSR District, Kadapa.

         The attention of the all the RJDSEs and the DEOs in the State are invited to reference 1st read above, wherein Government have issued norms for Rationalization of Schools, Posts and Staff under various managements Government, ZP and Mandal Parishad Schools in the State.Accordingly instructions / guidelines issued in the reference 2nd read above.
         In the references 3rd to 9th read above certain DEOs have requested for issue of
clarifications for the issues raised therein. The following clarifications are issued and the
RJDSEs and DEOs are requested to take necessary immediate action in the matter

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