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Tuesday 25 April 2017

Rc.No.41,dt.25.04.17,MANA VOORU-MANA BADI Campaign 2017-18-Certain Instructions

a) To take further necessary steps for enrolling the remaining 1.43.625 [58.51%) 5+ age group children of Anganwadi Centres into Gov!. I MP/ZP schools in the state during the Academic year 2017-18 and also continuous efforts to identify out of school children needs to be made to ensure all the children are enrolled.
b) In view of the prickly heat conditions prevailing in the State, the MANA VOORU - MANA BAD! Campaign should be conducted from 4.00 p•.m. to 6.00 p.m. This will also provide an opportunity to meet parents of the children who go for NREGS and other field work.
c) To take local community/alumni suppon to enrol the children into Govt/MP/ZP schools at villages/ urban level.
d) To furnish date wise status position in the proforma communicated vide ref. 2nd read above. by evening of the every day.
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