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Tuesday 31 January 2017

G.O.Rt.No.39 Dated:30-01-2017-Year-long celebrations of 125th Birth Anniversary of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar- Statement of Hon'ble Chief Minister on the floor of APLA - 27 Points Programme - Conduct of Ambedkar Sports Meet - Modification Orders


G.O.Rt.No.39                                                  Dated:30-01-2017
                                                                                                           Read the following:-

1.    G.O.Rt.No.121, S.W.(CV.POA) Dept., dated 30.03.2016.
2.    From the Director of Social Welfare, A.P.,Vijayawada, Lr.Rc.No.K2/280/2016-1, dated 29.11.2016.
3.    G.O.No.404, S.W.(CV.POA) Dept., dt.22.12.2016.
4.    From the DSW, A.P., Vijayawada, Lr.No.K2/280/2016, dt.12.01.2017.          

O R D E R:-

        In the reference 3rd read above, instructions have been issued along with an action plan for conducting of Ambedkar Sports Meet in all Districts on the eve of 125th   Birth Anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and the Director of Social Welfare, AP, Vijayawada was  permitted to release an amount of Rs.1,61,17,700/- ( Rupees One Crore Sixty One lakhs Seventeen thousand and Seven hundred only) to the District Collectors basing on the number of Mandals from the available funds of Social Welfare  Department.

            2.In the reference 4th read above, the Director of Social Welfare, A.P., Vijayawada has requested to revise the schedule of the sports meet and Executive Committee for conducting the “Ambedkar Sports Meet” at Mandal (for selection only), District and State level as per the Plan of Action submitted by the SAAP as "Ambedkar Sports Meet" will be conducted as a part of yearlong celebrations of 125th Birth Anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and to permit him to release the amount of Rs.1,61,17,700/- to the VC & MD, SAAP instead of District Collectors.

         3.In the above circumstances, the Government after careful examination of the proposal of the Director of Social Welfare, A.P., Vijayawada and in partial modification of the orders issued vide G.O. 3rd read above, hereby modify the schedule and the Executive Committee for conducting Ambedkar Sports Meet as follows:
1) Mandal Level Selections and District Level Competitions and selections only in between 15.02.2017 to 20.02.2017.

2)State Level Competitions will be conducted at Vizianagaram between 25.02.2017 to 28.02.2017.

3)Executive Committee will be constituted in every District with the following officials and non-officials for smooth and successful completion of the Events.

a)    District Collector                                        : Chairman
b)    District Sports Development Officer          : Convener
c)   Joint Director/Deputy Director(SW)           : Co-Convener
d)    Convener Principal, APSWREIS              : Member
e)    Assistant Social Welfare Officer               : Member
f)     Senior, International and National             : Member
Players in the District                              
                     g)  Ambedkar Youth Associations                        : Member

4.The Director of Social Welfare, Vijayawada is also permitted to release an amount of Rs.1,61,17,700/- (Rupees One crore sixty one lakhs seventeen thousand and seven hundred only) to the Vice Chairman and Managing Director, SAAP, Vijayawada from the  available  funds of Social Welfare Department, (under the Head 500-503 – OE) with APTS Limited, Vijayawada.

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