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Tuesday 5 April 2016

Rc 354 RMSA -2014 National ICT Awards 2016 to Teachers Who Effectively Uses Technology in Teaching - Guidelines ,Eligibility Criteria ,Selection Procedure & Entry Form


                  The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India, invites nominations for the National ICT Awards for school teachers for the year 2016, from all States/UTs and Autonomous Educational Institutions under MHRD. In all 87 ICT Awards are instituted. The scheme proposes to felicitate those teachers who have contributed in enhancing student learning by effectively and innovatively integrating technology supported learning into the school curriculum and subject teaching, and thereby promote enquiry-based co opereative and collaborative learning using ICT.v The contest is open to teachers working in schools from all over India.

School teachers are requested to send their entries to 
Secretary/ Chairman/ Commissioner (Education) of the concerned States/UTs and Autonomous organisations (KVS, NVS, CBSE, CISCE, CTSA, AEES,Sainik Schools under MoD, etc.), who shall select and recommend twice the number of teachers as pertheir awards quota, in order of merit.

Teachers/ Principals are requested not to send any nomination directly to CIET, NCERT, New Delhi.

Last date for submission of nominations by school teachers to the Secretary (Education) of
States/UTs/Autonomous bodies is 31st July, 2016.

Last date for submission of shortlisted nominations by the Secretary of States/UTs/Autonomous
organisations to CIET, NCERT is 31st August, 2016

 Guidelines for submission of nomination/ entry for the National ICT Award

    for School Teachers-2016

Ø  A teacher Portfolio should be submitted along with the Entry Form.

Ø  The portfolio should include evidence of the teacher’s awareness and use of ICT in his/ her own professional development, in improving his/ her teaching- learning, and in enhancing overall quality of education in schools and community.

Ø  The portfolio should document sustained systematic work using ICT over the years.

Ø  The portfolio should include relevant supporting documents, tools, reports of activities, field visits, photographs, audios or videos.

Ø  E-contents listed in the portfolio (Audios, Videos, Multimedia, Charts, Maps, Models lesson plans and images) should be uploaded/ shared online.

Click Here To Download the Proceeding Of  & DSE , Hyderabad

Click Here To Download the Eligibility Criteria & Selection Procedure

Click Here To Download the Entry Form For national ICT Awards For Teachers

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