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Saturday 20 February 2016

>>TET cum TRT2014 - Request for implementation of G.O.Ms.No.23, dated 26.05.2011 for filling of Disabled Backlog posts of previous DSCs in DSC 2014 - Pertaining to SGT and LP posts - Certain Instructions

                                          The attention   of all the   District   Educational Officers   in the   State   is invited to the references cited above.  As per the reference   5th cited above, the Notification    for recruitment of Teachers   was issued.      During  the   issue of notification,   the  Roster-wise,   Community-wise  and  Category-wise vacancies of SGT and  LPs as entered and  confirmed by the  District   Educational  Officers in the service  provided  in  their  log in were  hosted on www.apdsc.cgg.gov.in   .The vacancies furnished by  the  District Educational  Officers  include  the  backlog vacancies   and    the   current   vacancies  to   be   filled   during   the   process    of Recruitment.

           The   District    Educational   Officers   are  further  informed     that    under Physically Handicapped   category  for  6th,  31st   and   56th  Point   in  each   cycle, 272  Number   of backlog vacancies  are  notified under SGT and LP category of post.  District-wise notified PH vacancies including backlog are indicated in the annexure appended to this proceeding.

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