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Wednesday, 16 August 2023

SALT FLN, ECCE 60 day and 120 day certificate courses trainings 2023

SALT FLN, ECCE 60 day and 120 day certificate courses trainings 2023 Supporting Andhra’s Learning Transformation (SALT) Programme - Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (ECCE) - 60 day and 120 day certifcate courses - DRP trainings - Selection of DRPs and Identification of Venues in the districts-Orders-Issued

School Education-SCERT-Supporting Andhra’s Learning Transformation (SALT) Programme- Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (ECCE)-60-day and 120 - day certificate courses-DRP trainings –Selection of DRPs and Identification of Venues in the districts - Orders - Issued - Regarding. Rc.No: ESE02-22/35/2023-SCERT    Dt:12/08/2023



1.NEP-2020 and NIPUN Bharat guidelines.

2.MoU signed with ASER (Pratham) by Government of Andhra Pradesh, dated 17-08-2022.

3.Instructions of the State Project Director, Samagra Shiksha, and AP in the meeting held on 31-07-2023.


All the Regional Directors of school education in the state, District Educational Officers in the state, Additional Project Coordinators in the state , DIET Principals in the state, Academic Monitoring officers and DCEB secretaries in the state are informed that as envisaged in National Education Policy-2020, Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) has been taken as an urgent mission by Department of School Education to achieve it by 2026-27 .


The Department of School Education as a part of Supporting Andhra’s Learning Transformation (SALT) project has given importance to ECCE and is in collaboration with Women Development and Child Welfare Department and ASER (Pratham) is the technical partner. Department of School Education in association with Pratham is developing 60-day certificate course for Grade 1 and 2 teachers and 120-day certificate course for Anganwadi Workers with respect to Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE).


In this regard, Grade 1 and 2 teachers will be given training for 60 days (@20 days per year) and Anganwadi Workers will be given training for 120 days (@40 days per year) across three years in blended mode. As a part of these courses state level Key Resource Persons (KRPs) training have been conducted and in the next layer District Resource Persons (DRPs) training has to be taken up in residential mode tentatively from 21- 08-2023 to 26-08-2023 in all districts.


Secondary Grade Teachers dealing with class 1 and 2 are to be selected as DRPs from schools having multiple teachers, taking SGTs from single teacher schools should be avoided.

Total number of DRPs required across all districts of the state is tabulated below.



Gnana Prakash- 60-day certificate course

Gnana Jyothi -120-day certificate course

Total DRPs

-2000 members

-2000 SGTs from DoSE of Grade 1-2 Teachers

-4000 members

-2000 Supervisors from DoWD&CW

-2000 SGTs from DoSE

Mandal level/sector level

-3 SGTs from each mandal

-2 members per sector

(1 supervisor from WD&CW and

1 SGT from DoSE).


In this context, a panel committee is to be constituted for the selection of DRPs and identification of venues with the following members:

  1. District Educational Officer (DEO) -------------- Chairman
  2. Additional Project Coordinator (APC) -------- Vice –Chairman
  3. DIET Principal ----------------------------------------  Convenor
  4. Academic Monitoring Officer (AMO)----------- Member
  5. DCEB Secretary----------------------------- Member

The above panel committee has to select six Secondary Grade Teachers (SGTs) dealing class 1 and 2 per each mandal with the help of Mandal Educational Officers (MEOs) and School Complex HMs basing on the criteria given below.


Criteria for the selection of Secondary Grade Teachers:




Educational qualification and experience

Dl.Ed / B.Ed degree and at least 3 to 5 years of experience in teaching


Excellent communication skills (written/spoken).

IT Skills

Proficient in  MS Office, internet, and  online teaching.



Other educational

qualifications and experience

Post Graduation (Master) degree/any higher qualification

Any diploma or certificate course in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)/Good experience as Resource Persons (RPs) and Child friendly-activity oriented teaching.

Basic understanding


Experience and interest in strengthening the landscape for early grades of Andhra Pradesh.

Understanding of pedagogical approaches to teach young children.

Dedicated time and


Time and availability to stay till the end of the project.

Available consistently over 4 years for course support in mentoring, capacity building and on- ground support for early years.

Positive Attitude

This includes openness to learn, experiment and innovate,     engaging with teaching-learning of children as required, and    taking initiative and responsibility.

With interest in content, mentoring and supporting different layers relating to Grade 1 & 2 teachers on-ground.


The panel committee should conduct regular meetings and report the progress and challenges to the higher authorities. The panel committee should also coordinate with the Pratham district coordinators and the LFE district coordinators for the effective implementation of the DRP identification and venue identification process. While selecting SGTs, schools having multiple teachers are to be chosen, avoid single school teachers.



Roles and responsibilities of the DRPs:

  1. Serve as trainer monitors for facilitation of the certifcate course for the Early Grade teachers/Anganwadi workers.
  2. Support the direct training of Anganwadi teachers and Early Grade
  3. Regularly visit Anganwadis and Early Grades classes to oversee
  4. Support the school / Anganwadi teachers in class.
  5. Be the link & feedback loop between the school / Anganwadi teachers and State Academic and Steering Committee
  6. Support and verify assessments on the ground.
  7. Meet monthly to review project progress in the district.
  8. Meet the State-level Academic and Steering Committee to give feedback and raise concerns.
  9. Be part of regular capacity-building exercises at the state and district level
  10. As a part of implementation and review responsibilities:
  • Provide required support to Foundation Schools
  • Facilitate enrolment drives in the community.
  •  Support daily implementation in Anganwadis and Early Grades classrooms.
  • Facilitate parental engagement.
  • Enable the functioning of a robust monitoring, mentoring and evaluation process throughout the year.

The above panel committee has to identify one or two venues at the district level to conduct DRP trainings in residential mode. While selecting the venues, the following parameters are to be considered:

Criteria for Selecting the Venues:

  1. The venue must have large conference halls of 3 or 4 to accommodate at least 200/250 to 300 members (@50 per batch approximately).
  2. The venue must have neat rooms for accommodation with enough number of wash rooms with running water facility for the participants and drinking water facility.
  3. The rooms must have enough beds and cots to sleep for the
  4. The venue must have facility to provide lunch, dinner and snacks to the trainees.
  5. The facilities like white boards, screens, projectors, mike and sound system are to be provided at the venue.


The selected list of DRPs by panel committee for 60- day certificate course (@3 SGTs per Mandal) and 120-day certificate course (@3 SGTs per Mandal) in two separate lists and identified venues for training in the districts are to be sent by the DEOs by 12-08-2023 to the following e-mail ID: scert.cse@apschooledu.in


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