Friday, 2 August 2019

School Transformation Monitoring System STMS App Latest version

Manabadi Nadu Nedu Latest Application STMS Latest Application Updated Version Download

SCHOOL MAINTENANCE FUND module is deployed in STMS Head Master login (mobile application). 

School Transformation Monitoring System ( web portal and App Collection of Status of Infrastructure in Schools.

The Mobile / Tab Application facilitates the users to capture the present scenario of school Information through Geo-fencing, Geo-tagging, Manabadi Nadu-Nedu works,capturing photos and videos and uploading the same.

ManaBadi Nadu Nedu - New Mobile APP - STMS app is updated (2.5.1):
  • All the Head Masters of Nadu-Nedu and CRPs are requested to Uninstall Previous Version and install new version of STMS (2.5.1) your android mobile. 
  • బిల్లు లకు తేదీల వారిగా ఎప్పటికప్పుడు రికార్డులో నమోదు చేస్తూ అందులోని వరుస నెంబరునే Voucher No. గా వేసుకోవాలి.
  • కొట్టివేతలు, దిద్దులు ఉండరాదు.  
  • Write PAID & CANCELLED, sign on each Bill / Voucher then upload the image.
  • Go through the User manual of this App.
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