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VIDYARTHI NESTHAM Android App Download

This APP is designed to check the status of students whether they are ready to continue Education or not.
VIDYARTHI NESTHAM App is developed for department of school education,Govt. A.P. Powered by APOnline.

  • First we login our treasury ID.
  • We will get an OTP. to your Registered mobile in TIS
  • Enter OTP and press "Submit".
  • It will display the student details, like Name, Class, Child ID and it also display "Drop" & "Continue".
  • If this student studying in ur school or in any other school then u can select "Continue" option.
  • Next we should enter School Details of the student where actually he/she is studying. 
  • Next select "Save" Option.
  • If the student is not studying in ur school, U can select "Drop" option. 
  • Then it will display the Reasons Like "Migration, Child Labour...etc.".
  • Next enter the remarks and select the "save" option.

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