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ALA Programme to classes 3-5 - Workbooks to students - Instructions Rc.No.11

Rc.No.11,Dt.13.06.2018; ALA- Extension of the ALA Programme to classes 3-5 -Workbooks to students- Certain Instructions to ALA schools.

Rc.No. 11/C/SCERT/2016 dt: 13.06.18
Sub: Primary Education - PEMANDU lab initlative - ANANDA LAHARI ABHYASANA (ALA) Extension of the ALA programme to classes 3 -5 Workbooks to students Certain Instructions to ALA schools-issued Reg.
 Lt. Rc.No. 11/C/SCERT/2016 to the State Project Director, SSA AP, Amaravati Dt: 12.06.18

    All the District Educational Officers in the state are aware that the ANANDHA LAHARI ABHYASANA Programme is being implemented for classes 1 and 2 in 1347 schools across 13 districts in the state since the academic year 2017 -18.
     It is decided to extend the ptogramme in the existing ALA schools for the classes 3-5 dunng the academic year 2018-19. As a part of this, class spectfic workbooks (Preparatory Mlle Stones) covering all subjects are printed and Supplied to all districts (to DPO SSA offlce) for use by the 3 5 class students during June and July 2018.
       Hence all the District Educational Offtcers are requested to ensure the distnbutlon of the workbooks through DPO office SSA to all the ALA schools aftero btalmng class wise indent from MEOs.
       Further you are requested to inform all the M505 to instruct the ALA school teachers to use the material during June and July 2018 before they actually begin teaching lessons in MGML pedagogy. on which they will undergo training shortly.
      You are furthet requested to provude one set of work books to ALA core team membets and Mastet Coaches and take their assistance to clarify the doubts if any, relahng to the actuvntles and usage of the books.