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Friday, 27 October 2017

Online Collection of Employees data through Web based application GO.RT.No 2067 dt.26.10.2017

                                                FINANCE (IT)  DEPARTMENT  
G.O.Rt.No.2067                           Dated:  26-10-2017   

     The  Government  of  Andhra  Pradesh  is  in  the  process  of  operationalizing Comprehensive  Financial Management  System  (CFMS)  on  SAP  platform.  Finance Department  has  entered  into  a  services  agreement  for  this  implementation  of  CFMS  with SAP India  Pvt.  Ltd.,  who  are  working  as  a  Systems  Integrator  for  the  project.   
2. Comprehensive  Financial  Management  System  (CFMS),  which  when  fully implemented,  will  facilitate  real  time  management  of  public  finances  and  the  HR management  in  the  state  and  usher  in  automation  of  all  processes  like  preparation  of budget;  release  of  funds;  distribution  of  funds  to  the  DDOs;  incurring  of  expenditure; preparation  and  submission  of  bills  by  the  DDOs;  processing/audit  of  bills  by  the Treasuries;  payment  processes;  collection  of  receipts  (online/manual);  preparation  of accounts;    maintenance  of  PD  accounts;  processing  of  leaves;  management  of  HR  events; maintenance  of  e Service Book;  maintenance of  electronic  data;  etc.   
3. Andhra  Pradesh  Centre  for  Financial  Systems  and  Services  (APCFSS),  a Corporation  under  the  Finance  Department,  is  given  the  mandate  to  monitor  the development,  deployment and maintenance of the CFMS program and its related activities. As  part  of  this,  the  Centre  is  responsible  for  process  changes,  data  collection,  training  and change  management  activities  related  to  the  effective  implementation  of  CFMS. 
4. HRMS  module  of  the  CFMS  program,  is  a  critical  component  for  the  smooth operation  of  the  SAP  application.  As  part  of  this,  establishing  the  statewide  structure  of  all the  offices,  identifying  the  cadre  strength  of  the  each  of  these  offices,  defining  the  positions in  the  offices,  identifying  employees  in  the  positions,  identifying  vacant  positions, maintenance  of  office  hierarchy  and  also  the  related  hierarchies  is  an  important requirement for the CFMS  program.This HRMS  module  will  automate all  processes relating  to  the entire gamut  of  monetary  and  non-monetary  entitlements  of  the  employees; assessment  of  vacancies;  recruitment  authorization; preparation  of  panels  for  promotion; issues  relating  to  pay  fixations;  revisions  of  Pay  Scales; maintenance  of  electronic  Service Registers;  generation  of  Pay  Rolls;  timely  payment  of  retirement  benefits;  sanction  of  leave; timely  release of  increments,  etc. 
5. Towards  this,  the  Government  has  decided  to  collect  the  essential  data  in  a  mission mode  through  an  online  web-based  application  hosted  on  the  Finance  Department  Portal.  It  has been  decided  to  collect  the  data  directly  from  all  the  offices  to  obviate  delay  in  the  matter. The  data  proposed  to  be  collected  now  will  help  to  build  the  organization  structure  of  the entire Government  and  also  to  define  the  workflow  within  and  without  various  functional units  and  linkages  with  the  Treasuries/PAOs  etc.  in  order  to  ensure  seamless  work-flow and  transfer  of  data  and  creation  of  a  single  source  of  truth.
6. In addition to the data of regular Government Employees, Government has decided to also collect the data relating to the grant-in-aid employees, ad-hoc personnel, honorary workers, work-charged staff, contingent employees, contract personnel, personnel hired on outsourcing basis through contractors, and all other miscellaneous functionaries who are directly or indirectly providing services to the government, in order to have a comprehensive database of all the human resources of the State, as this information is required for various analyses and for furnishing reports to the Finance Commission, C&AG, Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council and Parliament from time to time and to enable the government to formulate evidence-informed policy for efficient management of its human resources. Another important function that this data will enable is provisioning of systems and user access.
7. In this context, the Government hereby direct all the Heads of Departments and Heads of Offices of every unit/office (like an Engineering Office, Panchayat, Municipality, Elementary School, High School, Welfare Hostel, DHMO Office, Sub-Registrar Office, Sub-Treasury Office, Mandal Revenue Office, ZP CEO Office, Collector Office, Office of Director of Municipal Administration, Office of the Superintendent of Police at a District Level, Primary Health Care Center, Police Station etc.) in the state to furnish the data relating to all employees mentioned above through the web-based application by logging in to the Finance Department portal at “https://apfinance.apcfss.in” using the log-in ID/password (to be communicated to them separately). While doing so they also have to
identify their level (like Hamlet/Village/Mandal/District/Regional/Zonal/State etc.). Detailed instructions are given in the annexure to this order. The relevant forms and the User Manual are also available in the website mentioned above. The helpline numbers are also indicated in the above mentioned website for the benefit of officers and employees.
8. The Application has three parts. The Part –I relates to metadata of the unit and the organizational hierarchy; Part –II relates to designations, posts, employee positions and the details of other categories of personnel engaged in the unit; and Part-III relates to mapping of services rendered by the department to the relevant heads of account for appropriate classification of the transactions. Part I and II relate to all offices/subordinate offices of the Government whereas the Part III has to be filled only by the Heads of the Department and is, therefore, not available to the Subordinate offices.
9. While the above application has already been released and many of the heads of departments and their offices/subordinate offices have already started to enter the date, the progress has been identified as not satisfactory. All the data has to be submitted by all the offices/subordinate offices of the Government on or before November 10th, 2017. All the heads of the Department and the heads of offices shall ensure that the required data-forms are filled in accurately and submit on or before this date, failing which the November payroll of the respective offices that have not completed the task will be impacted as this data shall be the source for the same.
10. The Administrative Departments and the Heads of the Department shall issue necessary instructions to the subordinate offices under their control to complete the data entry within the stipulated time. Heads of all Departments (HoDs) shall nominate a senior officer preferably the second in command to personally coordinate, supervise and monitor the entire data collection and data entry processes closely and ensure that correct data is entered and submitted as per the time schedule. In addition, the departments must identify a CFMS Nodal Officer for their department who will be responsible to liaise for all matters relating to the CFMS implementation and participate and support the program.
        These officers may be advised to liaise with identified Data Management Team of CFMS Unit, APCFSS, Ibrahimpatnam for any assistance in the matter. The names of these officers shall be communicated to the Chief Technology Officer, Finance Department for information and going forward coordination.  
11. The District Collectors are requested to convene a meeting of the unit officers of all the departments in the district and review the progress and issue necessary instructions for timely completion of this required data entry on a mission mode.    12. The Director of Treasuries and Accounts (DTA), the Pay and Accounts Officer (PAO), and the Director of Work Accounts shall instruct their staff to liaise with the concerned departmental heads at the state, district, mandal and field levels to provide necessary logistic and operational support. They shall be instructed to furnish copies of this order to all the heads of office in their purview through the DDOs concerned under acknowledgment. They are instructed to liaise with the Data Management Team of CFMS Unit, APCFSS, Ibrahimpatnam. Additionally, they are required to provide a daily update on the progress to the Special Chief Secretary (FAC), Finance Department and ensure that this task is completed on a mission mode.

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